EmbassyMTG Easy to Unpack Shipping Guide

*This guide demonstrates how we at EmbassyMTG ship our lower value items to our PucaTrade customers. All purchases made from our storefront instead utilize a bubble mailer, and are tracked.*

This packing method requires no tools to open on the receiving end. We hope this can be of use to others who are unsure of what shipping methods produce good results, as we have used this method for years with great success!

Opening the Finished Product

The Guide

shipping guide_01

Here are the materials we use:

  1. Card to be sent
  2. Soft Sleeve / Penny Sleeve
  3. Toploader
  4. Post-it pad
  5. Packing Slip with recipient address (our template)
  6. Self-Adhesive Envelope stamped DO NOT BEND
  7. $0.68 Stamp
  8. Scissors
  9. Clear Packing Tape

Let’s get started!!

shipping guide_02

1. Place card into soft sleeve with sleeve slot on top

2. Place soft sleeve into toploader with toploader slot on the bottom (so the soft sleeve slot is opposite the toploader slot)

shipping guide_03

3. Place post-it as shown, with half the sticky part along the toploader edge

4. Fold the post-it over so that it bonds with both the front and back of the toploader, and seals off the toploader slot. Fold the non-sticky corner down for easy opening for the recipient

shipping guide_04

5-6-7. Take the packing slip and cut the address portion off, then set the address aside

shipping guide_05

8. Position the toploader as shown, and fold the bottom of the packing slip up along the toploader edge

9-10. Fold both corners up as shown. This will create a pocket for the toploader, and prevent it from moving from side to side in transit

11. Fold the packing slip up along the toploader edge

shipping guide_06b

12-13. The contents of the envelope are ready to go in! Notice that there is excess paper above the fold – this should match up roughly with the height of the envelope, and will keep the entire contents from shifting up and down within the envelope.

shipping guide_07

14. Seal the envelope (ours has self-adhesive, but tape can be used if necessary). Tape the address to the front of the envelope, and post with $0.68 stamp. *We choose not to use forever stamps, as the $0.68 stamp denotes that this piece of mail is non-machinable, and therefore will not be exposed to the risk of getting caught in a sorting machine (it does happen!)*

15. The finished product!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for improvement, please feel free to contact us or comment below!