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About Us

We are a small operation based in the Washington, DC area with the goal of bringing you a selection of harder to find / non-English Magic: The Gathering cards. Our limited online inventory is often more refined than what is typically offered – focusing on noteworthy items with finite availability, rather than the everyday lot – but if you are looking for highly-traded English items, we recommend giving PucaTrade a try!

We are slowly but surely retiring our eBay Store in favor of this site for listing our more exclusive inventory items, so we thank you for your patience while we transition!

Our Guarantee

As we maintain a very limited online inventory, we are able to list all of our items individually with high-quality images and a notation of any significant condition variances, if they exist. As such, we are able to guarantee that what you see is exactly what you get. The items that are pictured are the items that will ship.

Shipping / Returns

For U.S. orders, we charge a flat shipping rate of $2.50 per total order for singles. It’s as simple as that.

U.S. shipping rates for non-singles are based on weight, and will be listed with the item. Shipping outside of the U.S. will be available in an automated fashion from this site shortly. Until then, please email us for details regarding shipping outside of the U.S.

We offer 14-day money back returns on all items (buyer pays return shipping, unless otherwise noted).

Shipping Guide for PucaTrade

We are very particular about how we choose to ship even the lowest valued items on Puca, so check out our Easy to Unpack Shipping Guide for details on our process!

Contact Us

For any questions, comments, or technical issues, please send us an email at Sales@EmbassyMTG.com.

You can also find us on Twitter and PucaTrade!